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Trout is a collective term for fish that belong to the following genera – salvelinus, oncorhyunchus, and salmo. Most of these live on freshwater, but there are like the salmon that spend some time in the ocean but go back to freshwater to spawn. Some of the more popular types of trout are the lake trout, rainbow, trout, brown trout, and the steel head. Trout mostly feed on aquatic invertebrates and other fish. They will only feed on smaller fish once they reach the length of 12 inches. This is a very popular game fish. If you want to catch this fish, read the rest of the article for some useful tips.

The first thing you need to do is have a proper understanding of how a stream or river is shaped by moving water. Once you know this, catching a trout will be easier for you. A big trout is likely to hide in deep pools but you can also find smaller trout in them. They will most probably be in the pools during dusk or dawn.

Your lures are very important when trying to catch a trout. This should be the right kind for this type of catch. Remember that native trout will not bite a powerbait. You can only use powerbait for stocked or farm raised trout because they are fed with pellets and will most probably eat anything that smells like the pellets, but that is not the case with native trout.

For baits, consider the live ones. Experienced anglers will tell you that nothing beats the night crawler for trout fishing. Alternatively, you can also use crayfish and minnows. Another trick is to scout the area where you want to fish and try to spot the things that could possibly be eaten by the trout and use these as your baits.


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