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The secret to being able to survive the cold weather outside during an ice fishing activity is staying warm no matter what the weather forecast says. An old adage says that you can always take off the layer if you are too hot, but you cannot add them if you don’t have them, which basically means that it’s essential to dress in layers, and have on a lot of them as much as you can. Treat ice fishing as if you will be going to the North Pole.

Here are some tips to dressing right for this particular winter sport. The first thing you’ll need to consider is the clothing that’s closest to your skin. You have to ensure that this can keep you dry at all costs. It is true – a little perspiration is all that’s needed to make you chill right down to the bones, which could possibly lead to hypothermia or frostbite. Ideally, the under layer of your clothing should be able to wick moisture like polypropylene. This should include your pants, socks, mitten liners, and pants. While cotton is okay, this could get wet and when it does, will remain wet so stay away from it if possible. Wearing your shoes loosely tied could help your feet stay dry. If you feel hot while halfway to the fishing site, open your jacket to help cool down your body. Take a layer off if needed. Carrying an extra pair of mitten liner and boot liners is a great idea. Wind plus moisture or sweat is a recipe for a cold.

Next stop is the warmth layer. For this, wool makes a great choice. This material could keep you warm even when you get wet by any reason. Another popular choice is fleece.

And for the final layer would be the windbreaker. Leather provides ample protection against the wind but this has the tendency to stiffen and crack in cold temperatures. Down jackets also serve well for this purpose. When wearing fleece or wool as a warmth layer, use a rip-stop nylon windbreaker shell.

Follow the tips above and ice fishing should be a fun activity minus the frostbite.



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