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The Friends of Steele Creek Park in Tennessee is very lucky indeed. This received a generous donation from the Bass Pro Shops, which will help them with their effort to attract more kids to spend some time outdoors.

During the National Donation Day, Bass Pro Shops gave 125 rods and 200 reels to the group. The Friends of Steele Creek Park are planning to make use of these for the various kids summer camps that are already scheduled at the park. The Bass Pro Shops also donated 30 rods and 75 reels to Outdoorsman, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization based in Kingsport. Outdoorsman, Inc. Is known for its habitat, conservation, and youth education efforts.

Where did they get funding to help support the two recipients? According to Bass Pro Shops Bristol Events Coordinator Kathy Booher, the donations were refurbished equipment. They were collected during the Spring Fishing Classic back in February. The rods and reels were brought in by customers in exchange for a discount on new equipment. They refurbished the old equipment and are now in good working condition.

And their effort will not stop with the two organizations. The Bass Pro Shops already laid out plans to donate 40,000 reels and rods across Canada and the US to jumpstart ‘Gone Fishing’, a nationwide challenge that seeks to entice kids to put down their technological devices and pick up a fishing rod instead so that they could spend some time outdoors. As part of Gone Fishing, Bass Pro Shops in Bristol will be conducting fishing activities this June, which will include teaching lessons on casting a reel. Participants could get a ‘first fish certificate’.

Steele Creek Park will make sure that they will be putting to good use the donated rods and reels with their many summer programs already scheduled. According to its manager, they recognize that there are many kids who are no longer exposed to the outdoors and they are doing their best to entice them to come and play outside.



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