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A healthy diet without fish is unimaginable, especially if you’re a fish lover. Dieticians across the globe recommend at least 8 ounces of fish to be included in the diet every week. Lean fish are those that contain have fat content within 5 percent of their body weight.  

Eating fish has immense health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, triglycerides, macular degeneration, and inflammation. Consumption of fish is often associated with lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease. Lean fish is a good source of proteins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Even though people with a history of high fat or heart diseases are always advised to opt for lean fish but leading dieticians recommend that one should always have a mix of lean and fatty fish. Haddock, pollock, tilapia, flounder, halibut, and catfish are some of the most popular lean fishes that you can include in your regular diet.

Let us dig in further to learn about the most popular lean fish available in the USA:

  • Bass– Bass refers to several different species, including black sea bass, hybrid striped bass, and branzino. The firm and mild flesh of this simple yet low collagen fish can taste dry if it isn’t prepared with care. It’s always appreciated if the fish is cooked whole as that helps in retaining in the moisture. The skin must always be left on the fish so that it gives a crispy texture. Bass is a meaty, flavorful and sweet fish that is loved across the world.  
  • Mahi-Mahi – This extremely flavorful and firm-textured pinkish fish has a low-fat content, which makes it a natural choice for people with weight issues. Available throughout the year, you can choose to include this moist and sweet-tasting fish in your daily diet. The average weight of this fish varies between 8 and 25 pounds and you can always search the internet for some interesting Mahi-Mahi recipes.
  • Trout – Considered to be a distant relative of salmon, trout are freshwater fish that don’t have the typical pink flesh because of their unique diet. However, this is not the case with steelhead trout, which have pink flesh due to their similarity in the diet with salmon. The most popular variety available in the market is the Rainbow trout, which are sold whole because of their small size. The delicate texture and mildly nutty flavor make it a great choice for all seasons.
  • Red Snapper – Usually found in the USA’s southeastern coast, Red Snapper fillets are sold with their skin to prove to the customers that they’re buying genuine fish. Red skin and white flaky flesh are mildly sweet and you can choose to eat it broiled, grilled, baked, steamed or poached. Red Snapper from Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Florida Gulf is considered to be of better quality.

In addition to the above list of 4 lean fish, you can also try Tuna, Cod, Halibut, Flounder, Pike, and Catfish are some of the popular lean fish varieties you can include in your diet. However, before you include or exclude something from your plate, it’s important to consult your dietician.



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