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Have plans to take the kids fishing? Then by now, you must already be wondering where is the best place to do so. Our suggestion? Choose a place that will give them the joy of getting a real catch!

A pond or a freshwater lake is the best location for fishing if you have kids, preferably away from the crowds. Why? These spots are ideal because fish are always biting, allowing you more freedom to teach them how to cast a lure or bait a hook.

Jersey shore freshwater holes hold an array of fish which your kids will surely enjoy. Kids will be delighted because baited hooks do not take much time before some hungry bass or trout finds them. Those who have tried fishing here could tell you stories of tugging a fish in no time.

While some might consider the fish sunnies as the bottom of the pecking order, for kids, these are often their first catch. They are considered to be one of the easiest catches. While they put up a fight with their 4 to 12 inches of body, catching them should not be a problem because they like to eat worms.

So are you ready to try fishing with your kids? Make sure that you bring the following items: cork bobbers, rubber grubs, powerbait, worms, small baitholder hooks, bug spray, and split shots. Kids below 16 years of age do not need a license yet. Here are some of the good spots:

Holmdel Park (44 Longstreet Road, Holmdel) – This is full of sunnies and also has a good stock of trout.

Manasquan Reservoir (331 Georgia Tavern Road, Howell) – This has a stock of  tiger muskie, large and small-mouth bass, hybrid striped bass, and a lot of sunnies.

Spring Lake (E. Lake Avenue, Spring Lake) A scenic lake that perfect of wading and fly fishing. This is stocked with trout.


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