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Some say that if you choose Lake Okeechobee as your fishing spot, you’ll need to have angling ingenuity. This is considered one of the best fishing spots in Florida, known for the largemouth bass. Are you headed out fishing in here for the summer? Here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: The Lake Okeechobee fishing report you’ll be reading will most probably tell you to look for these two types of areas – those that are with cover and those that are with current. When in Lake Okeechobee, the first fishing tip you ought to remember is to put your focus in shady spots that have cover. Similarly, spots that have moving water because water temperatures in here are more likely to be cooler than other parts.

Tip 2: Hit the waters early. When in Florida, the best time to go fishing in the summer is when that sun is just about to come up.

Tip 3: Choose lures that you can work deeper in the water column or at the bottom when the weather is hotter like the summer. Some of the good choices include soft plastic worms, soft plastic creature baits, and Senkos.

Tip 4: Slow will win you some. Why? During the summer season in Florida, bass are likely to conserve energy to cope with the rise in water temperatures. You are more likely to get some of them if you work slowly on your lures and baits.

Tip 5: use your sonar or fish finder to detect underwater structure when fishing from a boat. Why? Bass lurk near these structures in the summer season as it provides them cover, good for ambushing prey.

Tip 6: And last, check the weather before you decide to go fishing. Take note that Lake Okeechobee is shallow so it does not take much to generate big waves.

With the tips above, fishing at Lake Okeechobee should be a fun and safe experience.



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