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For those in Charlottesville, Virginia, if you are looking something fun to do this summer, you may want to try fly fishing. This is considered a bit different from cast fishing. Free lessons are now available from the people at Orvis Retail, located at 2020 Bond Street, near The Shops at Stonefield.

Jake Billmyer will act as the fishing lead at Orvis. He will also be one of the instructors for the lessons Fishing 101 (FF101) and Fly Fishing 201 (FF201).

According to Billmyer, he considers the free expense as one of the reasons why the lessons are convenient for everyone. They will be teaching until the beginning of March, and until about the end of July. Their Fly Fishing 101 classes will be held every Saturday morning, which will start at 9:00 AM and will usually end by noon.

Billmyer has been in the fly fishing sport for 17 years now. They are making the course available to anyone who is interested in trying the sport. According to the instructor, the sport will let you fish any time of the year at any time that you want.

On another note, Orvis will be offering the course FF101. With this, you will be able to understand that basics of fly fishing, as well as get lessons in fly casting and rigging. For the FF201 class, students will be taken to Beaver Creek Reservoir where they will be taught how to catch a real fish.

On another note, experts imply that this may be the best time to learn how to fish. Why? They say that this is the best fly fishing season because of ideal conditions where mountain runoff has subsided and the weather is not too hot yet

According to Sean Visintainer of Silver Bow Fly Shop, June in his opinion is the peak of fishing in their area because everything is on point.



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