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Isn’t it nice to see a dad together with his little kid fishing? Doesn’t it just make your heart feel warm? Bonding with the kids can lead to a stronger relationship. However, when the weather is cold, we sometimes run short on things that we can do together with them. Well if there is ice, why not try ice fishing? This will not only provide you with something that you can do together; you can also use this time to teach your kids the beauty of being outdoors and how to appreciate nature. Winter should not stop you from doing something fun your kids.

With ice fishing, kids may be able to get some science lessons too. You can explain to them how fish are able to live under the layer of ice during winter season. This is a subject that many kids find fascinating. You can show them how to drill a hole and then drop a line so that you could catch a fish. And of course, you should also let them participate; let your kids drop their own lines. Who knows? They might be able to catch their first fish while ice fishing.

Some reminders though. Ice fishing can get very cold. Before you head out to the ice, make sure that they are dressed warmly in layers. If they get too hot, you can let them take off some of the layers but always bring some extra layers in case they get a little chilly. If you won’t be ice fishing in a shanty, then make sure that you bring along some seats; each one of you should have their own so that you can be comfortable while ice fishing.

Aside from catching a fish, your kids might be able to learn how to be patient with this activity. Fishing is a game of waiting after all.



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