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Freshwater fishing lures can come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. In order to determine which it the best bait or lure for a specific type of fishing during different seasons of the year, it is imperative that you must have a proper understanding of the environment where the fish live and their behavior. Here are some of the lures available for freshwater fishing:

Fishing Jigs

These types of lures will have weighted metal heads as well as tails that are either made of soft plastic, animal hair, rubber, or feathers. Some of the anglers out there choose to add a piece of pork rind or minnow to the hook of the fishing jig to help improve their game. If you want to catch very kind of freshwater fish including other saltwater fish, this lure is the perfect choice.


This is best used together with a spin-casting tackle. These types of lures are perfect for catching fish like pan fish and other types that have the tendency to feed on the surface like that of the bass or trout. Poppers owe their effectiveness to their cupped face carved or could also be molded onto the front of the lure’s body.


Spoons are your metal lures that were designed to look like these are swimming baitfish or minnow. These are considered very popular because of ease of use and versatility. Different spoons offer different actions. You’ll want to get the right one depending on where you’re fishing. These come in an array for colors. Ask the tackle shop which among these is the best for the fish that you want to catch.


These are designed for fishing on top of the water and will also work well at depths below the surface. Plugs will either come with a wood or plastic body. The floating or topwater plugs as the name implies will float on the surface. The diving plugs will,  well, dive to a certain depth. Diving plugs are usually called crankbaits because anglers usually use them with together with their bait casting reels that mimic a crank


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