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In the boating industry, freshwater fishing boats remain popular and are selling really well just as always.

Even at the time that recession broke out, freshwater fishing rigs didn’t lose their popularity. These continued to sell off the lot. Some of the buyers reportedly joked about how buying one was important because even if they lost their job, at least the boat would keep them busy. Now that the economy is slowly recovering, consumers are now showing signs of buying confidence. The fishing boats are very desirable and manufacturers are now tempting the anglers with models that are loaded with advanced features, where these are now trying to outdo the others.

Stats show that sales by February 2017 for freshwater fishing boats in the United states increase by 2.7% compared to that of the previous year claims the director of  industry statistics and research for the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Vicky Yu.

Yu also revealed that out from the outboard-powered boats sold, 45 percent of these are freshwater fishing boats. The outpacing pontoon makes up the 32 percent while saltwater fishing boats account for 19 percent. She says that they have seen a steady growth on the sales of freshwater fishing boats in the past four years, which only moderated in the past year. It can be observed that the slow freshwater fishing boat sales are the same with the slow but steady growth in the overall number of anglers.

However, it looks like manufacturers have nothing to worry about. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation in its 2016 stakeholder report said that freshwater fishing is still considered one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States. The organization is now seeking to increase the number of participants from 45.7 million to 60 million in the next 60 months. It’s a bright future for freshwater fishing boats if the organization will be able to meet their target.



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