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It’s just a few more weeks and students are already thinking of the summer season. Some are already making plans to hit the beach while others are thinking of other fun stuff to do for the summer vacation. But that’s not the only thing that happened with the students at Morristown Central School. As they were prepping up for the vacation, some of them were given an unusual but a special gift nonetheless – a fishing pole. The said gift was in memory of one of the Morristown seniors, Mitchell Heimbach. He died in April after being hit by a car.

According to Brenda Delosh who happens to be Mitchell’s mother, she knows full well how her son wants to see everybody make happy memories. She encourages everybody that if they have a friend, then take some time to create good memories with your friend.

Brenda was able to collect more than 150 fishing rods. During the ‘moving-up ceremony’ on Monday, she handed these out to some of the junior high and high school students.

Tiffany Lopez who was a Morristown High School junior says that Mitchell meant a lot to the school. She described the deceased student as the ‘greatest senior ever’. Lopez also noticed how he had so many things to look forward to and that he was the biggest joker, but will never forget him because he proved himself as hard-working.

Morristown superintendent Dough McQueer agrees with Lopez. He says that Mitchell would help out anybody, enjoyed time spending outdoors, and he also loved fishing.

Mitchell’s parents are not stopping with the fishing poles that were given to the students in the 7th through 11th grades. They also have plans to collect 120 more fishing poles which they say will be given to the elementary students. Delosh says that this was their way of making sure that the kids would be given a way to enjoy other things other than spending time with their computers, something that they could do for the summer.



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